Trendy Stylish of Men Haircuts Playing with Fire, Is It Safe?

Here is a new creative of men haircuts. This Indian barber is playing with fire. He says, "It gives the hair a lot of bounce. You can make any style you want. You can as my customers, it doesn't touch your skin. It doesn't arm your hair, it doesn't do any damage. Because I know its limits."

Trendy Men Haircuts
Shafqat Rajpoot has become famous in Pakistan for his fiery men haircuts. This Indian barber says, "I don't do this to thin hair. If you try this on thin hair, because there isn't much hair, you will feel the heat on the skin and it'll burn. But if the hair is dense and long then that's better. Because then you get layers and the hair opens up." But Shafqat Rajpoot is not going to tell you his secret formula. It's is his own decoration.

Is it safe? Shafquat says, "No one scalp has been set on fire, no one has been burned. But the flame does because heat. It heats up your head when the fire is there." One of his client says, "In the beginning I was afraid, but I knew from people that Shafqat Rajpoot is an expert. So then I didn't feel scared when I saw him lighting my hair." Is this the hot new trend for cool men haircuts?

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