17 Best Wave Tattoo Ideas For Women & Men

Wave tattoos are great for people who love the water or who want a simple, unfussy design. Just like any other body marking a wave tattoo can be a simple image that you get because you find it fashionable or an elaborate design with deep symbolism.

What makes the tattoo special is the meaning that goes into it. Wave tattoos represent the water. It has been used in a lot of symbolism in various ways and in various cultures. There are many things that water can represent and you might even be surprised at how many more meanings you can connect with it. Water represents signs of life, tranquility, calmness and even mystery.

There are many wave tattoos out there and you might even find it enjoyable to look for the perfect tattoo that will fit you well.

Triangle Tattoo For Men On Hand
Triangle Wave Tattoo | Image
Cute Wave & Sunset Tattoo Designs
Lovely Sunset Wave Tattoo | Image

Beautiful Elegant Wave Tattoo on Collar Bone
Elegant Wave Tattoo For Women | Image
Stunning Watercolor Wave Tattoo
Beautiful Watercolor Wave Tattoo | Image
Lovely Wave Tattoo with star and moon
Image Credit: Instagram
Awesome Wave Tattoo on Hand
Beautiful Wave Tattoo | Image Credit: Instagram
Lovely Wave Tattoo For Girls
Image Credit: Pinterest
Watercolor Wave Tattoos
Image Credit: Tumblr
Colorful Wave Tattoo For Men
Stunning Wave Tattoo For Men | Image
Amazing Painting Wave Tattoo
Amazing Painting Wave Tattoo | Image
Awesome Painting Wave Tattoo
Unique Painting Wave Tattoo | Image
Triangle Wave Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr
Cute Foot Wave Tattoo
Cute Foot Wave Tattoo | Image
Geometric Wave Tattoo
Geometric Wave Tattoo | Image
17 Best Wave Tattoo Ideas For Women & Men
Image Credit: Tumblr
17 Best Wave Tattoo Ideas For Women & Men
Leg Wave Tattoo | Image
17 Best Wave Tattoo Ideas For Women & Men
Sexy Wave Tattoo | Image

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