15 Gorgeous Mandala Tattoos & Meanings

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit, which means circle. It is considered as a ritual as well as spiritual symbol having power. Mandala tattoo designs can be mix with another tattoo designs. These tattoo designs are stunning and sexy on thigh of a girl. It's also look amazing for mandala tattoos design on inner bicep and a colorful design covering full left sleeve of a man. However, I must commend creative tattoo artists for being so much artistic in bringing up several variations in Mandala Tattoo designs.

Moreover, mandalas or circles seem to occupy a place of great significance in human existence as it is the very shape of celestial bodies like the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

Here are 15 beautiful pics of mandala tattoo designs are given below from where you can get your tattoo ideas.

Super Cool Arm Mandala Tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest
Sexy Hip Mandala Tattoo For Girls
Sexy Mandala Tattoo For Girls | Image

Gorgeous Mandala Tattoo on Thigh
Gorgeous Thigh Mandala Tattoo | Image
Sexy Upper Back Mandala Tattoo For Girls
Beautiful Upper Back Mandala Tattoo | Image Credit: Pinterest 
Super Cute Mandala Finger Tattoos
Super Cute Mandala Finger Tattoo | Image
Forearm Mandala Tattoo For Girls
Forearm Mehendi Mandala Tattoo | Image
Sun & Moon Mandala Foot Tattoo
Lovely Sun & Moon Mandala Foot Tattoo | Image
Awesome Forearm Mandala Tattoo
Awesome Forearm Mandala Tattoo | Image
Gorgeous Wrist Mandala Tattoo
Gorgeous Wrist Mandala Tattoo | Image
Best Thigh Mandala Tattoo
Another Best Thigh Mandala Tattoo | Image
Creative Mandala Tattoo Designs
Creative Mandala Tattoo Designs | Image
Sexy Arm Mandala Tattoo For Girls
Sexy Arm Mandala Tattoo | Image
Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoo For Men
Colorful Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoo | Image
Gorgeous Mandala on Arm
Image Credit: Pinterest
Sleeve Mandala Tattoo For Girls
Mandala Sleeve Tattoo | Image

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