22 Popular Dog Tattoos For Animal Lovers

Dog tattoos are very common among animal lovers. They come in a plethora of sizes and colours, from red cartoon dogs to pink poodles and feature any number of design elements. Lucky Dog Tattoos should probably add an additional sign for smug attitudes.

Many dog tattoos are accompanied with the feminine addition of flowers to the design itself as it enhances not only the look of the tattoo, but the artwork as well. In some dog tattoos black and grey are the majority used, with the exception of a single vibrant color such as the red used in this tattoo.

Many dog tattoos exude a powerful presence that is incredibly prevalent in the art work in the tattoo. Though this example of a dog is that of only its head, it possesses the strength and beauty that can be found in many other well done dog tattoos.

Amazing Animal Tattoos Design
Image Credit: Tumblr
Awesome Dog Paw Tattoos
Awesome Dog Paw Tattoos | Image
Lovely Watercolor Dog Tattoos
Lovely Dog Tattoos | Image
Cute Dog Tattoos For Women
Cute Dog Tattoos For Girls | Image
Awesome Paw Print Tattoos For Women
Awesome Paw Print Tattoos | Image
Lovely Dog Tattoos on Leg
Lovely Dog Tattoos | Image
Cutest dog tattoo for girls
Image Credit: Pinterest
Lovely Dog tattoo on Foot
Lovely Dog Tattoo on Foot | Image
Couple Dog Tattoos on leg
Couple Dog Tattoos | Image
Sexy Copule Dog Tattoos
Image Credit: Pinterest
Cute Dog Tattoos Design
Cute Dog Tattoos | Image
Small Finger Dog Tattoos
Small Finger Dog Tattoos | Image
Stunning Dog Tattoo on Hand
Stunning Dog Tattoos | Image
Awesome Dog Tattoos Design For Girls
Awesome Dog Tattoo For Girls | Image
Dog Tattoos Design For Men
Dog Tattoo For Men | Image
Hot Under Butt Dog Tattoos For Girls
Hot Dog Tattoo Under Butt | Image
Beautiful Dog Tattoos
Beautiful Dog Tattoos | Image
Amazing Dog Tattoos For Girls
Amazing Dog Tattoos | Image
Creative Dog Tattoos
Image Credit: Tumblr
Awesome Dog Tattoos on Thigh
Awesome Dog Tattoos | Image
Realistic Dog Tattoos For Men
Realistic Dog Tattoos | Image
Perfect Dog & Cat Watercolor Tattoo
Perfect Dog Tattoos | Image
Watercolor Dog Tattoos
Colorful Dog Tattoos | Image

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